Leadership Ladder

The power and authority comes from the first position to the lowest, respectively.
The italicized words refer to the motto code.
* - as is.


[1iC] Office of The Security Council

Prime Minister / *

Defense Minister / DefMin

Deputy Defense Minister / Dep DefMin

National Security Director / NatSec Director

Secretary of The Security Council / Secretary

Web Developer / WebDev

[2iC] Office of The Chief of Staff

Chief of Staff / *

Deputy Chief of Staff / DepCoS

Associate Chief of Staff / ACoS

Secretary of The Chief of Staff / CoS Sec

[3iC] Office of The National Advisers

(5) National Advisers / *

Secretary of The Advisers / AdvSec

[4iC] Office of The Undersecretaries

Intelligence Undersecretary / Intel USec

Operations Undersecretary / Op USec

Response and Services Undersecretary / R&S USec

Human Resources Undersecretary / HR USec

Representative of The Office / USec Representative

[5iC] Office of The Spokespersons

Public Affairs Spokesperson / PA Spokesperson

Congressional Affairs Spokesperson / CA Spokesperson

General Counsel Spokesperson / GC Spokesperson

Senate Spokesperson / Sen. Spokesperson


Intelligence Department

Head Intelligence Officer / Head IO

Assistant to Intelligence Officer / Assistant IO

Researcher for Intelligence / Intel Researcher

Resource Manager of Intelligence / Intel Res. Manager

Intelligence Officer / Intel Officer

Counterterrorism Department

Head Counterterrorism Officer / Head CO

Assistant to Counterterrorism Officer / Assistant CO

Researcher for Counterterrorism / CT Researcher

Resource Manager of Counterterrorism / CT Res. Manager

Counterterrorism / CT Officer


Criminal Investigative Department

Head Criminal Investigator / Head CO

Assistant to Criminal Investigator / Assistant CO

Researcher for Criminal Investigation / CT Researcher

Resource Manager of Criminal Investigation / CT Res. Manager

Criminal Investigator / Crim. Investigator

Operation Technology Department

Head Operation Technology Officer / Head OTO

Assistant to Operation Technology Officer / Assistant OTO

Researcher for Operation Technology / OT Researcher

Resource Manager of Operation Technology / OT Res. Manager

IT Expert / *

Customer Relationship and Management Department

Head Customer Relationship and Management Officer / Head CRMO

Assistant to Customer Relationship and Management Officer / Assistant CRMO

Researcher for Customer Relationship and Management / CRM Researcher

Resource Manager of Customer Relationship and Management / CRM Res. Manager

Customer Relationship and Management Officer / CRM Officer



Head Security Officer / Head SO

Inspection Officer / Insp. Officer

Security Escort Officer / SE Officer

Intelligence Security Officer / IS Officer

Trainee to Security / Security Trainee


Head Training Officer / HT Officer

Intelligence Training Officer / InT Officer

Resource Trainer / Res. Trainer

Leading Trainer / *

Trainee to Train / Training Trainee


Detective Investigation Department

Senior Crime Officer / Senior CO

Senior Inspector / Sen. Inspector

Leading Detective / Lead. Detective

Leading Patrol Officer / Leading PO

Patrol Officer / *

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